So I’m celebrating my first Spring here in Cherry Orchard and the garden is constantly surprising me🙂

Admittedly the Bluebells are Spanish and the Yew completely over grown BUT the buds appearing on the Lilac are a sign of wonderful scented evenings to come!

The garden is a hotch potch of plants, trees and shrubs but it’s a magical place.

I can’t wait to see what else it has to show me




The perfect Gibson

It’s good enough for Cary Grant in North by Northwest so it’s good enough for me! Sadly a trawl of the cocktail bars of Shrewsbury left me Gibson less!

In the 4 places I attempted to order one, 2 knew exactly what I. wanted but there were no Silverskin Onions available, 1 x barman had to ‘Google’ the drink to Fi d out what went in it & 1 x barman sadly didn’t know what I was talking about!

The search for the perfect
Gibson continues……



A string or bad luck and bad news just doesn’t seem quite so tough to deal with when you have a mug of tea clasped firmly in your hand!

Tea solver of fights, fixer of hearts, friend to all


Wednesday Supper

Tomorrow I’m driving to Reading! It’s for a 1 day conference which will either motivate me or force me into the kitchen to bake (which is what I do when the World is not quite right)

Anyway I wanted a hearty supper tonight to see me through to the buffet lunch tomorrow (An arrival at 10:30 in Reading means a 6:30 departure from Shrewsbury and even I cannot face food before 7:00)

So out came the trusty Nigel Slater and Lamb Steaks with Creamed Cannellini was the chosen recipie.

Mine looked nothing like the picture but tasted amazing! I’m full and ready to face Reading!


New Year

Blah, Blah, Blah

I’ve made no New Year resolutions. No promises that I will break easily but I have decided to be a little more dedicated to cooking.

January 1st we made a Vasilopita or a Greek New Year Cake. A light sponge cake filled with citrus peel and hidden inside a coin which brings good luck to the finder. This is to be eaten on New Years Day or St Basils Day.

When carving the cake you must allow a piece for each guest, a piece for the house, a piece for Jesus and a piece for St Basil.

January 2nd was another wet and windy day so it was a great opportunity to delve into the cookbooks and we found a recipie in Nigel Slater’s A Year of Good Eating. The recipie was tucked away in the November section of the book but owing to the foul weather it felt more like November than January.

Using left over beef, vegetables from a local farm shop & herbs bought from the local market we set about creating a Steak, Stilton & Thyme Pie.


As we cooked the house filled with smells that delighted the nose and the obligatory taste every now and then resulted in the kitchen becoming filled with mmmm and wow’s.


The pie giant in size will feed us again on January 3rd.

But who knows what will be created on January 4th.

The countryside of London

It’s been an age since I last visited my blog in fact too long! I guess I’ve grown too lazy or too busy to update it as much as I would like.

I find myself feeling the same way with my Twitter account, I find i have spurts of enthusiasm of use & then a few days rest from it.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t have things to share intact I am going to bore you now with a recent visit to London I had.

I travelled down on my own on a Wednesday evening, quite happily sat in a carriage pretty much to myself reading and listening to some music, a train journey through the dark evening always seems more adventurous than one through the day. The destination feels much further away as you thunder through the darkness, the lights of the occasional station blurring by.

Anyhow I met Alex at the station and we headed out to Wimbledon, this was my first venue out to the famous area of the city! I wasn’t sure what to expect other than a tennis club, which it turns out isn’t really in the Wimbledon station area anyway. I discovered a country town of sorts, split in two by a hill! It’s odd I don’t ever recall walking up a hill in London before but I have now! The top of the hill offered what I think of as a rural town high street, filled with independent shops & pubs where locals drank. Whilst in “low town” there were the high street names, bright bars & a wonderful sushi restaurant where I ate my first (other than supermarket bought) sushi.

Following a few beers it was a short journey back to Southfields another surprisingly none city like area of London, it was on the walk from the tube station to the house that the drunken pair that we were decided to buy & eat some Biltong & it was also here we stupidly decided to feed & pet a rather tame urban fox, luckily a) the fox didn’t bite us b) gave us fleas and c) didn’t follow us home. It just seemed grateful for the Biltong & that we weren’t in Hunting Pinks🙂

The following morning we had to get to Roehampton and as it was a dry winters morning we decided to walk, we strolled past old farm buildings that had been eaten up & developed into schools, we past old lodge houses & the sites of former big houses & this was before we even strolled over Putney Heath. It was here to my delight we spotted the Green Parrots, something that Alex had never encountered before, I shared the stories of how when I was working in Croydon I would often see them from the office window & they were a common sight nowadays.

We carried on our walk & after out pits top in Roehampton we carried on our walk, Alex although still a little dazed from his anestetic knew of a cafe were we could lunch, we walked up into Barnes again a town that had a country town feel, with its duck pond in the middle of the village green I could have been back home in Shropshire.

We had lunch in a Greek cafe, we drank homemade Lemonades & strong coffees. We ate a Filo pastry pie filled with Feta & Courgettes. And whilst Alex chatted away in Greek to the owner I lazily flicked through Greek magazines. We waited for the rain to stop and decided to walk to Hammersmith.

The riverside path although muddy gave a perfect view point to spot various water fowl, several Herons, numerous Cormorants and many screeching groups of Green Parrots. The walk in no time took us over the Hammersmith Bridge & into what I know as London, it was a busy bustling high street that had barely changed since my last visit in 1998.

From Hammersmith to Kensington High Street where we visited the often talked about Cheese Room at Whole Food Market (no cheese was purchased but bread certainly was) and then it was time for a walk through the parks towards a secret location that Alex wanted to show me!

We meandered through Kensington Gardens watching the dogs all chase around, some waiting under trees for the Squirrels to come back down the trees. We crossed through into Hyde Park where I lost count of all the birds I spotted and then across Hyde Park Corner & down Constitution Hill towards Buckingham Palace (No trip to the capital is complete without a visit to see if the queen is at home)

It was here that I decided that I wanted to see the Pelicans of St James Park, again something that Alex had not encountered. Of course today they were nowhere to be seen!! Typical however the Squirrels gave great entertainment as they conned & delighted the tourists out of food.

It was now we walked through familiar streets and saw the sights we all know as London, we passed The Houses of Parliament & as we walked along Victoria Embankment the London Eye slowly turned on the other side of the River Thames, for a brief moment it reminded me of our trip to Paris (the cold and rather dour faced passers by soon reminded me we were not in Paris in September but London in January)

We cut through the modern Embankment station and took a side street again as we climbed down some steps I yet again returned to Paris. A cafe with outdoor seating, the air filled with conversation. Alex disappeared through some wooden doors and we descended into a cellar wine bar!

With extremely limited seating & extremely limited dealing height Gordon’s Wine Bar sells wine & offers plates of cheese, meat & bread all at very reasonable prices. If you are lucky enough to get a seat in the cellar then do so. There are no lights there are only candles & there are no obvious reservations it’s a case of sit where you can & you will find yourself talking to others. It’s how drinking & socialising should be.

Several bottles of wine (& plates of cheese & bread) it was time for the train back to Shropshire & as the train hurtled through the darkness back home I was more than content reading my book as Alex slept gently leaning on my shoulder.

A pit stop!

I’m not sure where 2013 has gone! This I feel officially makes me feel old, soon I’ll be commenting on good cake, moaning about the weather & buying sensible sweaters (oh wait)

So 2013 what’s happened? Well a trip to the Cotswolds, a lovely stay at Brook Farm in Berrington, a weekend in Paris (although later than originally planned) a few lovely stays at Hopton House, a brilliant week dog sitting the charismatic Archie, a lovely day fruit picking at Neen Sollars (followed by an amazing ride out in a horse drawn buggy) a whole lot of coffee drinking & cake eating with chums & most recently a weekend in the Shadow of The Black Mountains.

So I guess 2013 has been spent eating, drinking, catching up with friends, cozying in front of log burners & walking canine companions!

Oh and bottling fruit gins, making Jam, baking, cooking & introducing Alex to wonderful foods such as Toad in The Hole!

I aimed to write a post a month but maybe that’ll be 2014’s challenge! Until then I guess it will be sporadic brief glimpses into what I’ve been up to!