God Only Knows


I was thinking today about what to give up for Lent, and I was asked if I was religious? I am religious and do believe in God, but before we get onto the whole Creation verses Evolution argument I would like to point out that I do think there is something else, who created us originally and then we evolved into the beings that we are today.

I believe in ghosts (spirits) other intelligent life-forms (Gods) I do not believe in the man with the white beard and the flowing robes, and never have done.

I know that there are bible chapters that condemn my life choices, but surely if you want to get your argument across you can turn any text or any chapter of any book to your advantage?

I will confess it is difficult being gay and religious I won’t lie and there have been events in my life where my faith has been pushed. My younger brother had a terrible accident, infact he nearly died and anyone that knows me knows that I would sooner die myself then see him in pain, this pushed my faith to its limit and I know that God wasn’t the force that saved him, it was a very clever man who saved his life and saved his leg. But what prompted that man to become a surgeon? What made that man be on shift that night?

 Maybe I believe in fate? Maybe I just want to think there is something else out there, something that when I close my eyes and make a wish they hear me. Who knows? By the way I have given up chocolate and cakes for Lent, rather apt as the period is meant to be where we have a humble existence


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