The Temple

Sunday was the Heritage Open Day weekend, where it gave people a oppurtunity to look around buildings, sites and areas that have wonderful history to them, and that are not always open to the public. I of course jumped at the chance of visiting a couple of Shropshire’s wonderful follies that are now run as holiday cottages by the Vivat Trust.
One of the follies I visited was The Temple, hidden deep in Badger Dingle. I have over many years explored the wonderful village of Badger and only earlier this year I had taken G along with me to explore the thatched cottages, the wonderful church and the mystical woods with it’s  tunnels and summer houses carved through and out of the sandstone cliffs. 

This was my first visit to The Temple though and what a wonderful visit it was. I was given a history sheet and was offered the opportunity to read through the wonderful restoration book that the builders and architects had created whilst repairing the ruined building.

My favourite story of the building was that when the estate later passed to the Capel Cure family, The Temple was most notably for their curious exercise in role reversal – an annual tea party in which they waited on their servants.


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