The Grand Hotel, 

We all love to be somewhere we shouldn’t! To peak through an door that’s rarely left open and today I managed yet again to have the chance to do just that!

All other appointments cancelled I nipped over to Birmingham to take part in another Hidden Brum project and this one offered the chance to take a look inside The Grand Hotel in Birmingham.

The hotel first appeared in around 1879 and had been an operating hotel up until 2002 and has managed to become bankrupt in 3 different centuries. It had its turbulent history passing from hotel chain to hotel chain and now it’s under going huge development and that’s what we got to take a look at.

An amazing tour, with an incredible leads from the owners and the renovators we saw what modernisation had done to the once grand building and what was being discovered following a modernisation plan in the 70’s (or 80’s)

As we walked around it felt to me what walking around a derelict ocean liner would be like or what it would be like being the last person to leave and lock up a palace.

But anyway here is a selection of my photos glimpsing behind the closed doors of The Grand Hotel, Birmingham 


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