The perks of an older lady 

You know me, you follow me on Twitter so have heard me insane ramblings or maybe you’ve seen my photos on Instagram.

If you do follow me on either method of social media you’d know about the old ladies in my life.

Flo has been my partner in crime for years. She is an enigma of a cat with a few mental health issues.

She was discovered by a friend of mine in a field one October morning. He was out exercising his working spaniel when they came across a scrawny and small kitten! No mother cat around, the kitten was scooped up and taken back to the cottage where she spent her formative first few weeks with a litter of spaniel puppies.

She came to me not long after this and now insists on chasing balls, sitting on command and generally carrying out dog duties.

My other older lady is Quilla, a retired Guide Dog who as all Labrador owners will know is a walking vacuum.

She arrived last November as a temporary lodger at the house! It’s now late October and all the adoption papers are signed and the fees paid! She’s going nowhere.

She turned 10 in March and mainly spends her days eating, sleeping or avoiding the cat.

She howls in anticipation as we drive along the driveway to Attingham Park (her favourite walking and swimming spot) and has discovered the delights of our open fire or the warmth of an Aga when we visit friends.

All in all the older ladies in my life have a happy and contented home and fill my life with a lot of happiness


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