We all go a little mad sometimes

It’s odd! I’m sane and solvent but in December 2016 something happened, I don’t know what it was or is but something broke inside me. 

I spent days in a daze, unable to concentrate or focus. Work seemed to consume me and home became neglected.

Then the crying came! The absolute sobbing. There was no cause or reason just crying.

It came to a head when I suffered my first panic attack! In a Christmas market, surrounded by hundreds of people. I felt like I was drowning, unable to breath, my heart in my mouth. I ran away from the market, went home and slept! 

I slept for hours, wrapped in my duvet, only rising to take the dog out or feed her and the cat.
This all ended as quickly as it began! No idea what or why it happened but I just now know I can break and I’ve got to take it steady! 

I can’t tell you what happened, nor if it will happen again. But I’ve learnt from it. I’m not afraid to say no, I’m not afraid to be late and I’m not afraid to put me first. 

Oh and tea & a cat that demands a lot of fuss helps (I promise you)


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  1. Ayrshire B&B says:

    I hope that you’re in a much better place now (emotionally). I felt like that for a short time a few years ago…quite frightening at the time but I’m glad to say that I did what you’re doing..focussing on what matters. Take care Cx


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