A passing remark!

My Gran once told me

“The best way to get over someone is to get under someone”

I was 13 and had just poured her what she told me was the perfect Martini


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  1. Ben says:

    Hi there. I too am a gay in Salopia. Well, to be more accurate, I am a gay from Shropshire but I’m at uni and have, I would argue, escaped! Not to be weird or nosy… well, no actually, to be completely nosy, where in South Shropshire do you live? I’ve seen you mention Burcot a few times but that’s near Telford. Just wondering is all. Thanks!


    1. Dan says:

      Hi Ben,

      Thanks for the comment. I live in South Shropshire near to Bishops Castle, but for a while lived in Burcot and you are very right it is close to Telford (Wrockwardine) Do you have a blog? Or are you just browsing? How did you find mine. See you ask one question and get three fired back at you in return




  2. Sue says:

    I used to live I wrockwardine late 50s and went to the village school do you remember the Wyatt’s. A very large family that lived in the avenue


    1. I remember the Wyatts and the Preeces, the Bentings, Porters and Goodfellows. Mostly still living in or close to Wrockwardine.

      Thankfully the two horrible eyesores that the Wyatt family lived in have now been demolished and four new, all singing, eco friendly houses built in their place.

      Wrockwardine has not changed very much since the 1960s, and in essentials is still much the same. The ‘new’ bungalows, for the elderly, have been demolished and the number reduced to eight, but as a much bigger bungalows, with two bedrooms.

      The army are no longer in Wrockwardine, as the hall has new owners. Police cars would visit and drive past the hall twice a day during the troubles in Ireland, and CID visited everyone living nearby, when a car with Irish plates was parked outside the church, and a man seen leaning on the lytch gate into the hall, surveying the grounds and hall for quite a while.

      I roamed the fields and lanes as a child, making dens and picking flowers and blackberries. Miss Shaw, Miss Evans and Mrs Good taught at the local school when I attended, although it was toward the end of their era, and they were supplanted by first Mr Ingham, and then Mr Jones, before the school closed and finally moved to Bratten.


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